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International family law / international (marital) divorces / Expat

Many (married) expats live in the regions Almere and Amsterdam. Also many Dutch people live abroad with their families. Frequently, unfortunately, these relationships go through hard times and end in divorce or relationship breakdown. The international aspects of a divorce can be an (additional) complicating factor in the often emotional and heavy process of separation.

For example, Dutch courts do not always have jurisdiction to adjudicate these issues. Nor is it necessarily the case that the Dutch court may judge the consequences of the divorce or separation under Dutch law.

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Private international law

For example, it happens that foreign couples live in the Netherlands and they assume that their own foreign law applies to the financial consequences in the event of divorce. This is certainly not always the case. This also applies to Dutch couples living abroad. Again, Dutch law is certainly not always applicable

Private international law covers these situations. This involves an enormous amount of rules and regulations.

The lawyers at Cleerdin & Hamer have the know-how to provide the necessary expert guidance. This also applies to guidance for expats. We assist them in English.

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