Glenda Raap

The worst distance between two people is misunderstanding

I have been working as a lawyer since 2004. Since 2011 I am in charge of the family section and since 2016 partner at Cleerdin & Hamer. During my work as a lawyer-mediator, I have discovered that communication is essential in resolving disputes and making good agreements. Whether that is in the context of a divorce or when drawing up a donor agreement. Good and open communication will almost always lead to satisfying and lasting agreements. Agreements that you can build on and that are sustainable.

In the family law practice I regularly come into contact with people who are no longer able to communicate with each other in a constructive way because of all the emotions. While they have to make all kinds of radical decisions and agreements at that time. No wonder this leads to problems that you cannot resolve together. As a lawyer-mediator, I am in favor of guiding you in this. In doing so, I focus not only on resolving disputes – as in the case of divorces – but also on the prevention of disputes – such as when drawing up donor agreements.

In my practice there are countless examples of cases in which divorces have arisen, because the parties are unable to maintain a dialogue with each other. And those cases usually only have losers. After years of litigation, you are left with schemes that do not provide the customization and satisfaction you were looking for. After all, someone else, a judge, has taken control of an important part of your life and has to make decisions for you. There is little room in court proceedings to investigate which solutions lead to the best possible result for both parties. And this generally only creates more conflicts.

Making agreements yourself, leads to much better solutions for your dispute. Only then can be investigated what the source of your conflicts is, how these can be resolved and prevented in the future and which solutions work in your specific situation. After all, you make the most sustainable agreements yourself and are not the regulations imposed by a judge. This can be done in various ways; both with a joint mediator, but also with their own lawyer.

As a mediator, I guide you together, taking an impartial position and guiding and advising you together. If you prefer your own advisor, I can guide you as a lawyer. I will only look after your interests, but always keep an eye on the bigger picture. Especially if there are children. But also if a relationship ends without children, it is important to make good agreements that you can both continue your lives with. Research has shown that you can cope with a divorce much better if you have had an influence on the way in which the divorce process went and the agreements that have been made in that context. After all, in a relationship you have also known good times together. It is a shame to allow these good memories to be overshadowed by a nasty settlement.

Which option you choose depends on your own preference. It is a misunderstanding that it automatically leads to a divorce if you go to your own lawyer. Of course it is important that in that case you both go to a lawyer who works as a collaborative lawyer. This applies in any case to lawyers affiliated with the vFAS or the VvCP.

In addition to a family lawyer and divorce mediator, I am a Collaborative Divorce Professional. As a collaborative divorce lawyer you guide people within a divorce with the help of a team of professionals. You will both have your own lawyer and during the process you will be guided by a coach. This form of consultative divorce is very suitable if more guidance and attention is required than with mediation, but you want to arrange the divorce properly in a respectful manner and under the guidance of professionals. For each other and any children, without lengthy and expensive court proceedings.

I am also involved as a lawyer/mediator in lesbian parenting, rainbow families, donorship / donor agreements, adoption and surrogacy. This form of parenting also deserves sufficient attention and good professional guidance. As a mediation attorney in divorce cases, you will not be involved in a case until the relationship has ended. It gives me energy to be at the very beginning of something beautiful in these matters, at the beginning of new parenthood. It is important to think carefully about a radical decision as a parent(s) and to map out all options and to be able to make well-considered decisions. Good communication is also essential here. I am happy to guide you in this; from advising on the legal options to drawing up the necessary agreements and conducting the necessary proceedings at the court.

In addition to being a lawyer-mediator, I work as a senior lecturer and skills trainer, and as a mediator for the professional training of lawyers and a board member of the training institute “Gerard Hamer Institute”.

  • Familierecht
  • Mediation
  • Collaborative divorce advocaat
  • Bijzondere curator

Glenda Raap heeft in het rechtsgebiedenregister van de Nederlandse orde van advocaten het volgende rechtsgebied geregistreerd:

  • Personen- en Familierecht

Op grond van deze registratie is zij verplicht elk kalenderjaar volgens de normen van de Nederlandse orde van advocaten tien opleidingspunten te behalen op ieder geregistreerd hoofdrechtsgebied.

  • Hoofddocent vaardigheden leerpraktijk familie- en erfrecht, beroepsopleiding advocaten
  • Trainer vaardigheden beroepsopleiding advocatuur
  • Mediator beroepsopleiding advocatuur
  • Bestuurslid Gerard Hamer Instituut
  • Geregistreerd gespreksleider Intervisie
  • Bijzondere curator
  • vFAS regiocoördinator Flevoland
  • Contactpersoon rechtbank-balie overleg Midden – Nederland, sector familierecht
  • Contactpersoon gerechtshof-balie overleg Arnhem – Leeuwarden, sector familierecht
  • Nederlands recht aan de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
  • Specialisatieopleiding familierecht (vFAS)
  • Basisopleiding advocaat-echtscheidingsbemiddelaar (vFAS)
  • Specialisatieopleiding advocaat-echtscheidingsbemiddelaar (vFAS)
  • Mediationopleiding (NMI)
  • Specialisatie arbeidsmediation (Merlijn)
  • Opleiding Collaborative Practice (VvCP)
  • Lid van de vereniging van FamilierechtAdvocaten Scheidingsmediators (vFAS)
  • Lid van de Mediatorsfederatie Nederland (MfN)
  • Lid van de Vereniging van Collaborative Practice (VvCP)