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Eva Bezem in de New York Times

Naar aanleiding van de verkiezingen van twee weken geleden, werd Vreemdelingenrechtadvocaat Eva Bezem gevraagd door de New York Times om haar mening te geven over immigratie in Nederland. In het artikel merkt zij onder andere op dat de angst voor het toelaten van asielzoekers in Nederland vaak gebaseerd is op een vrees voor het onbekende, en dat het verschil kan maken wanneer mensen individuele voorbeelden horen over schrijnende verhalen.

Artikel New York Times
Eva Bezem, 30, spent her childhood in Flanders, which she described as right-wing and conservative. Today she is an immigration lawyer in Amsterdam.

I help women who are victims of domestic violence, often of Moroccan nationality, and who are dependent on their husband for their Dutch residence rights. They have been kept in their Dutch houses for years without learning anything of the culture or language. Many of them are my age, and they cannot wait to start studying Dutch, and have their own life. They will integrate successfully after deciding to start on their own.

When I go back to the south of the Netherlands or Flanders, I do not have the impression that people consider my work a positive influence on society — moreover, they will more likely bring up the whole discussion on fear for terrorists and/or criminals. However, when I explain an individual case of a family of migrants and what they have been through, people will understand and sympathize. It seems more the fear of the unknown.

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